Washing Machine and Dryer Repair Service Near Eagle Rock

Got something wrong happening with one of the appliances in your laundry room?

You don’t have to just put up with it. Get it fixed.

Looking for someone to come check it out? That’s what they do.

Appliance Service in Los Angeles

Clothes washers and dryers are reliable, but they never last forever. They can develop problems.

When you notice trouble in your laundry room, you’re in luck, there is a friendly repair service near you.

They can arrange to send good quality and trustworthy service to your LA home.

What Are the Most Common Reasons People Call for Service?

Washing machines are usually rather reliable, but they sometimes need a repair.

The two most common reasons homeowners give for calling involve either draining problems or leaks.

Homeowners also call with concerns regarding the controls not working right, too much noise and issues with the unit seeming out of balance.

Dryers have a good number of different parts. These parts can stop working or need maintenance.

The most common problem areas involve the temperature inside the drum and the control system.

Other trouble spots could include a slight burning smell, the drum is making too much noise when it turns or the unit is not even turning on or staying on through the cycles.

Regardless of what kind of adjusting or repair your washer or dryer requires, they’re ready to get it done.

Appointments As Soon As Possible Near Highland Park

If you need to get your situation cared for fast – you can get that done.

Problems can happen. A faulty appliance can upset your normal routine.

If you’re in this situation, just call as soon as you can.

Nearly all repair jobs are completed during just one visit. Your technician should show up right at the arranged time.

Technicians make house calls with a van full of parts, but once in a while they won’t have the right replacement part, so a return visit might be necessary.

How Much Does Clothes Dryer Repair Cost Near Eagle Rock?

You typically pay a service call charge. This is the expense necessary to get the repair person out to your home and inspect your appliance.

In certain situations where a repair is finished quickly and no replacement parts are needed, the final bill might be comprised mostly of the service charge.

More complex jobs may include replacement parts or work that takes longer to do. These can both increase the cost of the job.

Is This a Project I Might Attempt On My Own?

There could be a few laundry room appliance maintenance jobs you could try doing yourself. If you’re cautious, you could be successful.

But most repairs ought to be left to somebody who has completed them before.

Take your washing machine supply hoses as an example. Replacing them with new ones isn’t too difficult. It’s an easy 10-minute job.

A dryer has lots of different pieces that could go wrong. Some of them are somewhat complicated. There are not many basic and straightforward repairs which can be done by a homeowner.

If you can be somewhat confident you can complete the repair, you can try. Be careful and take your time.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always phone for an appointment.

Appliance Repair Companies Near Eagle Rock

Why spend more than you need to?

Let’s see if you can help you save a little money.

During these service calls, there is often several minutes to speak with your technician about an additional appliance in your home.

When it’s possible, they might be able to take care of this second problem right then while they are there.

Or they may offer you some suggestions on what you can do later.

What Brands Do We Service?

It shouldn’t matter which brand of appliance is up in your laundry room.

Your local service shop will work on any kind.

Some of the most common laundry room appliance brands include Bosch, Asko, Amana, Frigidaire, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Kenmore, GE, Miele, LG, Samsung, Maytag and Whirlpool.

Your local repair shop will work on it no matter where you purchased it from too.

Appliance Repair Estimates for SoCal Homeowners

Have you been a bit concerned with the cost?

To supply a quote on a repair, we frequently need to know a few details before a price can be presented.

Sometimes a phone estimate is hard, but you can learn the general cost range and find out what day your appliance might be checked.

A better price quote can be generated once your technician has examined your washer or dryer and established where the problem is.

A Helpful Repair Shop Near Your Neighborhood

Looking for somebody to help out? You can arrange that.

Call and have a specialist come over on an upcoming week day.

If nobody is home at your house in the daytime, a night time or Saturday appointment may be arranged.

Get Your Problem Solved

Services are available in the communities of Highland Park and the areas roughly between Pasadena and Glendale.

The process starts with a pleasant phone call.


Service Visits Available in These Neighborhoods:

  • Highland Park
  • San Rafael Hills
  • Between Pasadena and Glendale
  • Eagle Rock


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