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Laundry room appliance problems occur now and then. Is it happening at your house?

Ready to get it back running the right way?

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Dependable Appliance Repair Service

You have plenty invested in your laundry room appliances. You’d like to keep them for a long time.

When your appliance could use a little maintenance, you could get some great advice from a repair person already in your area.

So if your Orange County home could use a little repair work, you can set up a service call real soon.

Problems That Develop the Most Often

The most common pair of reasons homeowners call for clothes washer repairs are water leaks and problems with water inside not draining totally.

Three other frequent reasons for calling for service involve control units that will not work right, the machine is making too much noise or the unit seems off balance and wobbly.

With dryers, one typical complaint involves the temperature inside the main area doesn’t seem correct. Another trouble area is the control system not running correctly.

Other problem areas could include a minor burning smell, the drum is making excessive noise when it turns or the unit is not even coming on or staying on through the cycles.

No matter how big or small your service winds up being, they will work to get it taken care of.

Get a Service Visit Fast Near Downtown Santa Ana

Is your situation an emergency? Get it handled.

Don’t simply tolerate an appliance problem, have it fixed.

Your friendly technician has worked on a lot of problem washers and dryers before.

They can find out what is wrong and typically get it running right during that initial visit.

While many jobs are accomplished during the initial visit, some require a specific replacement part which the technician doesn’t have in their work truck.

In those cases, the job is finished once the part can be acquired.

What Will This Cost Me?

A repair appointment regularly includes a service call charge, which is the rate to get the repair person to your home and do an inspection.

In situations where the repair is completed quickly and no replacement parts are needed, the final bill could consist mostly of the service charge.

If your repair is more considerable and takes a longer time to finish, you will likely be charged for extra labor as well as the price of the replacement parts which have to be installed.

Can the Average Homeowner Attempt These Repairs?

There are some laundry room appliance maintenance projects you could attempt doing yourself. If you’re cautious, you might be successful.

But many repairs ought to be left to somebody who has done them before.

For instance, if your clothes washer water supply hoses are old, you can buy replacements for them and swap them out yourself.

But that’s probably the simplest repair there is with a washer.

With a dryer, there could be some problems which are mechanical and can be worked on from the front of your model. It’s possible that some of these problems can be completed by a practical homeowner. Complicated jobs which involve taking a lot of parts off are much more challenging.

It’s possible you will get your washer or dryer repaired and running again. If you find yourself in over your ability, you can always call for assistance.

Household Appliance Repairs – Affordable and Experienced

There are economical solutions to most appliance issues.

Your technician is going to be punctual and understanding.

When your technician is still at your home, be sure to ask them any question you have about any other appliance in your house.

If the correction is something easy to do, they might be in a position to fix it while they are there, or they might have some advice for you about how you can do it later.

Southern California Repair Companies Support All leading Brands

There can be differences between manufacturers, but a good service shop has technicians who have worked on all of them.

The most commonly found brands of washers and dryers in Orange County include Asko, Bosch, Amana, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Fisher & Paykel, Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint, LG, Miele, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool.

OC repair companies don’t care where you purchased your appliance from either.

Laundry Appliance Estimates for OC Homeowners

Call and talk about the cost of an appliance service appointment.

It’s tough to give a price quote just over the phone without really knowing the problem.

When you call, they can do their best to give out a general estimate on what your potential cost might come to.

Having a qualified technician examine your laundry room device is the best way to determine what your condition is and what the actual cost will be to fix it.

You should know the final cost before the repair gets started.

You Have Options Near Downtown or the Suburbs

No reason to put it off anymore. Might as well get started.

With one call, you’ll have a trained technician on the way. Most appointments are made during regular weekday times.

If an appointment during the day isn’t going to work, a Weekend or night time visit may be scheduled.

Who Can Help?

They visit homeowners all around the metro – near downtown, city hall, civic center, Flower Park, French Park, Washington Square, Henninger Park, Pico-Lowell, Casa Bonita, Logan, Artesia Pilar and Lacy.

Almost all the suburbs are included in the service area too – Fountain Valley, East Santa Ana, Northeast Santa Ana, North Santa Ana, Orange, South Coast Metro, Tustin and West Santa Ana.

They’re prepared to get it done for you.


In These Areas? You can discuss it . . .

  • Downtown and near Civic Center or City Hall
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  • Washington Square and Henninger Park
  • Pico-Lowell and Logan
  • Casa Bonita and Artesia Pilar
  • Lacy
  • And most of the other Santa Ana California suburbs


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