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Problems with one of your laundry room appliances?

Want to get it fixed?

If you have an appliance issue, they will help get it taken care of.

Washing Machine or Dryer Repairs in Central Orange County

Clothes washers and dryers are reliable, but they don’t last forever.

They will need some maintenance sometime.

When you notice you have an issue, hear some advice from a helpful pro.

Central Irvine homeowners can get quick and reliable service.

Common Problems

If you have a problem with your clothes washer, it will commonly be a draining issue or a water leak.

Other conditions homeowners give for calling include the knobs or controls aren’t working right, the machine is making strange noises, it’s wobbling, or sometimes it’s a combination of symptoms.

Dryers have quite a few parts. These parts can stop working or need maintenance.

The most frequent problem areas involve the temperature inside the drying compartment and the control system.

Other trouble spots may include a minor burning smell, the drum making excessive noise when it turns or the unit is not even coming on or staying on through the cycles.

Whatever your dryer or washer issue is, if it’s easy or difficult to fix, it can get taken care of by a trained technician.

Local Irvine Repair Shops

If you need a service call, they can make one pretty quickly.

From minor modifications to a bigger repair, they can help you get your situation fixed.

Your repair job will likely be completed during your initial visit.

Qualified technicians arrive with what they need to get most jobs finished quickly.

Second visits are only required if a special replacement part is necessary and the repair person doesn’t have it with them in the work truck.

Washing Machine Repair Cost Estimate

Your repair cost may be the sum of three elements – labor, parts and a service call charge.

Some repairs are fast to complete and won’t need any replacement of parts.

In those cases, your final bill won’t be much more than the service call fee.

The cost of replacement parts will be included in your invoice if they are needed, in addition to any significant amount of additional labor necessary to swap out those parts.

Is This Hard To Do? Can I Try it On My Own?

An expert repair person is aware of all the tricks to get your laundry room appliance running again.

Now, if your issue is obvious and easy to do and you would like to try it, you may be able to get it done on your own.

As an example, if you know your washing machine supply hoses are old, you can buy replacements and swap them out yourself.

But that is most likely the easiest repair there is on a washer.

With your dryer, there are numerous issues that can come up.

But only a few repairs are obvious to the ordinary homeowner.

A homeowner might be able to attempt a few of the easier ones.

But most repairs include pulling the unit out and taking sections off, so those jobs are best left to an experienced technician.

If you are confident in your ability, you can try one or two of the less difficult repairs. Just be cautious.

Appliance Repairs – Affordable Service

Why not save a little money when you can?

A knowledgeable technician makes fast evaluations and provides reliable results.

As your technician finishes, they might look at any other appliance at your house that isn’t working right.

You might get some good advice.

If the fix is something simple to do, they might be able to correct it while they’re there, or they could have some advice for you on how you could do it later.

What Brands Can a Local Irvine Repair Shop Work On?

It doesn’t matter which brand of appliance is up in your laundry room.

Your local service shop will work on any of them.

Popular brands in this area include Amana, Asko, Bosch, Frigidaire, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Miele, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool.

Your repair service can work on any unit purchased from any store as well.

Free Repair Quotes

Want to find out how much it might cost?

It’s difficult to present a price quote just over the phone before knowing the problem.

Everyone’s job could be a little different, yet they normally can provide a rough estimation on the phone.

But it will take an on location inspection to provide a detailed quote for most situations.

While you will find out some info on the phone, having a technician actually examine your washer or dryer is the ideal path to follow.

He or she will look it over and explain the repair costs with you before going further with the job.

A Friendly Professional Near Your Irvine Suburb

Which city shop should you call first?

Get it inspected and serviced. Service appointments are typically during traditional working hours.

It’s possible you can arrange a service visit during an evening or weekend if you need to.

Get the Process Moving

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