Dryer and Washer Appliance Repair Near Long Beach

Is there a laundry room appliance causing you some trouble?

Wanna have it inspected and fixed?

Looking for someone to come look at it? That’s what they can do.

Fast SoCal Appliance Repair Service

Most laundry room appliances run a lot of hours. They can’t expect them to operate endlessly without a problem once in a while.

When you want a little help with one of your appliances, you can talk with a competent technician who can give you some advice or arrange a service call.

When you have a troublesome clothes washer or dryer, have it checked out and fixed up.

Are There Some Common Problems?

There are a variety of elements that might stop working inside a washing machine, but many service calls are made due to troubles involving poor draining or leaks.

Three other typical reasons for calling for support involve control knobs that will not work, the machine is making too much noise or the unit seems off balance and wobbly.

Dryers supply a lot of opportunities for trouble.

The most common issue involves the unit not drying the load fast enough or the control system not responding right.

Other standard concerns include the drum isn’t turning or it’s creating too much noise, the unit seems to be getting too hot or smells funny.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your service ends up being, they will work to get it taken care of.

Speedy Appointments in Your Area

Flexible service appointments. Repairs completed right the first time.

Don’t simply endure an appliance problem, have it dealt with.

A qualified California technician can inspect your washer or dryer and usually get it all fixed during that one trip.

Second visits are only required if a special replacement part is needed and the repair person doesn’t have it with them in their work truck.

What Does Washing Machine Repair Cost Near Long Beach?

The expense of a repair appointment regularly includes three elements. They are labor, parts and the service call charge.

In situations where a repair is finished quickly and no replacement parts are necessary, the final bill might consist mostly of the service charge.

The cost of replacement parts will also be added to the final bill, in addition to any additional labor required to install them.

Could I Try and Fix It On My Own?

Some laundry room appliance maintenance tasks are not too difficult; most are a little above what the average homeowner feels comfortable trying though.

Most homeowners do not want to roll out their washing machine and begin taking screws off, but swapping out the water supply hoses is a job that most homeowners can easily do.

The same applies to your dryer as well. There may be a couple of clear problems which can be taken care of in the front of the unit that an ambitious homeowner can attempt.

But most other projects should probably be left to somebody else.

If you’re somewhat confident you can finish the repair, you could certainly try. Be cautious and take your time.

If it still doesn’t work, you can always phone for an appointment.

Affordable Appliance Repairs

There are reasonable answers to most big appliance situations.

Your specialist can work fast and only charges for the work they do.

During one of these scheduled appointments, there’s normally a few minutes to talk to your technician about an additional appliance in your home.

You can get a suggestion about what you could do or how you could fix it.

It’s possible that your tech might perform a second fast repair while he or she is still at your house.

Southern California Repair Shops Can Work On Any Leading Brand

A professional repair shop will work on whatever brand of appliance you have. They don’t care which company made it.

A number of the biggest manufacturers are Bosch, Amana, Asko, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Miele, Samsung and Whirlpool.

Your repair center will work on any model purchased from any store as well.

Fast Estimates on Replacements and Repairs

Interested in what the cost might be?

It may be difficult to deliver a firm quote without knowing what trouble your appliance has and the steps required to repair it.

When they talk with you over the phone, they will talk about the choices and let you understand what a service call costs and what your repair might come to.

Usually, once your technician has studied your appliance, he or she will give you the details on what the price will be before they get started.

Reliable Service Around the Long Beach Area

Somebody’s right by the phone whenever you’re ready.

Why not phone? Service calls are available throughout the day.

If a traditional morning or afternoon appointment does not work for your house, an evening or Saturday one may be scheduled.

Local Areas Served

Get assistance if you live near downtown Long Beach, Alamitos Beach, Willmore, Washington, Waterfront or East Village communities.

Service calls can be arranged in all the suburbs too – Belmont Shore, Bixby Knolls, Los Altos, Eastside, Lakewood, Rossmoor, West Long Beach, North Long Beach or Signal Hill.

They look forward to your phone call.


Reliable Service for Homeowners in These Neighborhoods:

  • Central Area or Downtown Long Beach
  • Alamitos Beach
  • Willmore or Washington
  • East Village or the Waterfront
  • All Long Beach California suburbs


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